What pops into your head when you hear “Conductorcise”?  Have you heard of it before?  Volume III Rejuvenate is just plain fun!  Not only is the music beautiful, ADAM (Waltz from Giselle), Beethoven, Mozart, to name a few but Maestro David Dworkin is a true motivator.  Don’t know if you are aware but he had a 40+ year career as an actual conductor.  He teaches us in Volume III that absolutely anyone can “get moving” and it does not have to be mundane or tedious.  He sets up in some wonderful locations with beautiful music playing in the background and it is written all over his face he completely enjoys the process of making this “Conductorcise” DVD’s as do the participants.  None of which look like they are bored, out of step, or frustrated with the routine they are joining in on.  You will break a sweat following along to this workout but you will be happy, relaxed and will want to tell others about it or form your very own exercise group utilizing this DVD. These DVDs are available for loan through our Resource Library.

***we used skewers with the points filed off as our “Conductor’s Baton***