Non-Medical Care is Good Medicine for Your Patients

doctor-and-patientWondering how we can help your patients be healthier? Our non-medical services are instrumental in improving the health and wellness of the elderly AND their family caregivers.

As a medical professional, you are familiar with patients who have are receiving assistance with the ADLs as satisfying these needs often requires medical care, and you may not be familiar with IADLs, which is the acronym for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. IADL refers to to six daily tasks: (light housework, preparing meals, taking medications, shopping for groceries or clothes, and managing money), otherwise known as Non-Medical Care.

If you  have had patients who frequently miss their appointments, forget to take their medication, are not eating a healthy diet, or who had several car  accidents or in-home falls, they are likely in need of assistance with IADLs. This is what non-medical care is all about, and it is the service Home Sweet Home Care Inc. provides to our clients, and it allows many people to continue to live independently in the comfort of their own home. We also provide our services to persons residing in assisted living and nursing home facilities.

If driving is an issue, we can help your patients keep doctor appointments, and get to the pharmacist, grocery store, and other places. Our services also ensure that nutritious meals are prepared, fluids are consumed, and that medication is taken. In addition we take care of other tasks that often become difficult for the elderly, such laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and changing of linens.

Another benefit of non-medical care is mental stimulation through conversation, games and social outings. And we can enhance patient safety through the monitoring of baths/showers and other activities that may be dangerous of difficult for the elderly.

Although non-medical in nature, our services truly enhance the health of the elderly. Our services also provide tremendous benefits for the Family Caregivers who are often the persons taking care of IADLs for the elderly. Family Caregivers utilize our services for respite, and doing so can be a life (or job) saver for them. Many studies have shown how important Respite Care is for a Family Caregiver. As you know stress is a killer and Family Caregivers, who do not have Respite Care, suffer from considerable stress in their lives.

Recommending our services to your elderly patients or to the Family Caregiver who is providing their IADLs does, absolutely, have a positive impact on these people’s health and well-being, and it can extend and enhance the quality of their lives. Our services are highly customizable, affordable and available for as often or as little as necessary based on the needs of the family. We have clients whom we see once or twice a week and those for whom we provide 24/7 care. Please recommend us today.

We also provide Personal Concierge Service to Medical Professionals, so we can reduce the stress in your life, too! Non-medical care is good medicine!