Personal Elder Care: When Home is Where You Want to Be

elderly-woman-pet Looking for ways to stay in your own home?  We help the elderly stay safely at home: keeping their friends, neighbors, possessions and pets. It’s about independence, security, and the familiar. We get that, and we can help.

We realize no one’s situation is exactly the same as someone else’s, but we have had the pleasure of working with many seniors since we began in 2004, and we understand that asking for help, even from friends and family, is difficult.

However if you are dealing with any of the following, we encourage you to consider our services.

  • Do you or your friends and family worry about your ability to stay in your home?
  • Have friends or family suggested that you move into an assisted living facility so they don’t worry about you so much?
  • Are you in a situation where the people helping you are also financially, physically, or mentally abusing you?
  • Do you struggle with completing daily tasks, such as laundry, cooking, cleaning the tub, vacuuming, shopping?
  • Do you wish that sometimes you just had another person to share the day with?
  • Have you injured yourself trying to complete a task that, in the past, was easy for you?
  • Have you fallen and hid the incident from family, friends or your doctor?
  • Have you forgotten or become confused about whether or not you took your medication or the right medication?
  • Did you lose your driver’s license and now you are home bound, or have you lost the confidence to drive your car?
  • Are you depressed or frightened because you have no family or friends in the area who can help you?

Many seniors find themselves in situations like those listed above and often more than one bullet item describes what is going on in their lives, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Our services can bring some independence back into your life and help you stay at home where you want to be. Read a few testimonials from clients we have worked with.

Sometimes people are reluctant to accept that there are things they need help with now. Yet, there’s no shame in needing assistance. It just means you are at a different stage of life and therefore need a different tool set to work with. You wouldn’t use a fork in the garden instead of a garden rake or shovel to stir soup. The right tool for the right job makes all the difference and there are real physical reasons caused by the process of aging that requires new tools to maintain your independence. It’s a new landscape; there is no shame in that and denying yourself the use of those tools simply makes life more difficult. Betty White declared, “Getting old ain’t for sissies!”  We agree, and it is difficult to accept that you cannot do everything you’ve done for as far back as you can remember, yet not accepting it is dangerous for you and others. Besides you deserve a little pampering. Why deny yourself the use of tools that can improve the quality of your life? Our company has highly qualified, dedicated, trained and supervised employee caregivers who are tools of independence for you. Schedule a no-obligation, Complimentary Assessment today to learn just exactly what we can do for you!