Hiring a Caregiver: A Primer

Often one of the first things that come to mind when hiring a caregiver is the cost, and many people choose to hire what is known as an independent caregiver, who is, in essence, their own company. You will find their ads posted in the newspapers, on Craigslist, and various directories. However, there are a lot of other aspects of that choice that are important to take into consideration other than cost. The chart below breaks down the major differences between hiring a Home Sweet Home Care employee and hiring a self-employed caregiver.


When you choose to work with Home Sweet Home Care Inc. you do not have to interview potential candidates or worry about any of the items shown in the chart. Just call us and we’ll provide the perfect caregiver for you based on your Complimentary Assessment, and if for any reason we didn’t get it perfect, you can just call us up and tell us to send someone else and you’ll have a new companion caregiver immediately! We’ve been providing excellent caregiver services since 2004, and you can count on our experience and quality control to bring you the best of the best.