Family Caregivers: A Rewarding Quest of Life, Love & Balance

daughter-cooking-for-mom Concerned about your elderly parent or friend staying at home alone or you are looking for ways to be a better caregiver? We help caregivers balance their work, friends, family and caring for an elder.


Let’s face it, aging isn’t easy, but neither is the role of Family Caregiver. Whether you are an actual family member, a neighbor, or a friend, trying to help an elder stay safe and independent is a demanding task.  Sometimes you volunteer for the role and often, if you are adult, female sibling, you find yourself elected for the role even if you have a full-time job and your own family to care for in addition to your role as Family Caregiver.

You find yourself in a situation where you, the person you care for, or both of you, want to ensure that the elder in question remains independent and in their own home in a safe manner.

It’s a quest of life, love and balance because experience has shown that it is not possible for the elder to remain at home safely without assistance and you are doing your best to provide it.

The problem with this role, is as the person you care for ages they tend to continue to decline in ability to care for themselves. Eventually this role becomes a full time position even if it started out as a part time role.  If you are not sure just how much help your loved one needs or you are concerned that perhaps they need more help than you can provide, you can take this quiz. We’ll score it for you and send you information on resources available to you from sources that we trust and recommend.

Being a Family Caregiver is rewarding in many ways. However, being the main (or only) Family Caregiver for an elder demands a lot of time and requires tremendous stamina to keep up with the demands of two lives: yours and theirs. Many Family Caregivers find themselves sacrificing friends, family, health and careers to keep up with the demand of caring for a loved one.

Which is why you are here. You realize that there is not enough of you to go around for everybody (as much as you wish there were), or there have been instances that have frightened you, such as forgotten medication. pots left burning on the stove, or worse falls that have resulted in injuries. You are looking for methods to better increase the elder’s safety and keep your sanity. There are lots of options, tools and techniques to help you accomplish your goals, and keep it safe for your loved one to remain living at home.

To find ways for your loved one to remain as independent as possible, you have come to the right place. There are many educational and helpful articles, tools, and tips throughout this website that will help you, the Family Caregiver. Those that pertain most to you will be found in the sidebar to the right and in the category Caregiver Helpers. We also have our Training and Education section that offers you a variety of ways to learn. And, last but not least, we offer the best Companion Caregivers in the area, should you just need a couple more hands.