Educational Presentations

Home Sweet Home Care Inc. offers educational presentations to companies, churches, community organizations, and clubs as part of our community outreach. Currently we offer the following presentations and lectures:

Of course, we will answer any questions you have about our services after or before a presentation, but these education programs are NOT sales props nor are they followed with a sales pitch. These sessions are offered as part of our community outreach and contain highly useful information that participants will be able to walk out an use. Therefore if any of these subjects are of interest to your group or community (see descriptions below), please call us to schedule one of them or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Please give us at least 30 days notice before you need the presentation as these are provided free of charge and are scheduled for delivery on a first-come-first-serviced basis. Each presentation is adaptable to fit your time frame and Audio-visual equipment.  DVD presentations can be made orally in order to shorten the presentation or because your facility lacks the necessary equipment to project the presentation.

Home Sweet Home Care Inc. enjoys combining our presentations with refreshments, which can include anything from fruit and yogurt to home baked brownies or cookies.  Ice cream socials have proven to be a fun-filled treat even in winter!

To the delight of audiences, Home Sweet Home Care Inc. brings plenty of give-aways, which is the only self-promotion that is included in our presentations.  Our most popular items include our re-usable tote bags, pocket pill containers, and refrigerator magnets.  In addition to these branded items, we also provide useful informational items as a public service to our mature audiences; such as, a Citizen Handbook from the Attorney General’s Office, helpful health education items, and information on services available to seniors.

Fall Prevention

The Fall Prevention presentation is a 30 minute DVD presentation that has the added benefit of providing information from a Physical Therapist on how to get up off the floor after a fall and on how to tell if it is even safe for you to try.

Hand-Outs include:

  •     2 Fall Prevention Brochures
  •     A home safety checklist
  •     A quiz to show your physician which numerically rates your chances of falling.  Your physician is then in a better position to help you stay safe at home.

How to Find Home Care

This speech, How to Find Home Care, has been enormously popular with the Boomer generation, as many of them are dealing with aging relatives.  Our oral presentation includes tips on useful websites, a list of questions to think about prior to making the first inquiry regarding the abilities and needs of the person needing care and a list of questions to ask the agencies when actually making inquiries into home care options.

The presentation, with a question and answer sessions, is easily adaptable to fit your time frame; from 10 minutes to as long as you need.

AARP’S Medications Made Easy

As usual, AARP has done it right.  This informative presentation can be shown on a DVD or a videotape and lasts just under 30 minutes.  AARP has provided a take-home booklet for each participant along with a small wallet containing a medication record.  In order to make the presentation as informative as possible, Home Sweet Home Care makes every effort to bring a local Pharmacist along for a question and answer session.

Veteran and Spousal Benefits

This popular speech, Veteran and Spousal Benefits,  is presented by local attorney, Harold “Bart” Barton, to educate veterans, spouses, and the widowed spouses of veterans on benefits available to them; including a little understood but widely needed Aid and Attendance program.  Due to the number of questions asked, this presentation may run as long as an hour, but it is worth every minute for veterans, spouses, and widows who are missing out on essential governmental benefits.

Hand-outs are provided and Home Sweet Home Care brings the yummy refreshments!

What is Companion Care versus Home Medical Care?

We have found that people just don’t know what their options are.  What is Companion Care versus Home Medical Care and why which one is right for you or do you need both? America is aging and Americans wish to “Age in Place”.  There’s no place like home, for he majority of again Americans, but sometimes this requires assistance.  Many mature people end up placing enormous demands on family members and/or hiring multiple services for assistance.  Not everyone qualifies for, or needs, home medical assistance.  Often, their needs can be met through the use of a Companion service, but what is a Companion?  More than a sitter but less than a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  Allow Home Sweet Home Care to explain the benefits of an in-home Companion and why it may be the affordable answer to your needs or those of a loved one.  Additionally, we cover the legal and financial protections afforded by hiring and insured, bonded, background-checked Companion service versus a sitter.

Elder Abuse Awareness

Elder abuse is a huge issue and is growing rapidly. Shirley McGee will be doing presentations entitled An Age for Justice:  Confronting Elder Abuse in America.  There is a short video about 3 seniors who share their poignant and real stories of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation they have experienced.  She will also provide handouts including facts about abuse, who is at risk, the human rights of aged persons, and information on the Elder Justice Act.

We encourage you to take advantage of this seminar so you are better equipped to recognize and help seniors you may come into contact with every day. No one should have to suffer at the hands of an abuser.

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