Our Welcome Home! program exists because everyone needs a little care and an extra helping hand from time to time. This program is a one-time service that provides you with assistance after an out patient procedure or discharge from the hospital. For a flat fee (call 757-347-0342 for current rates) we will provide a caregiver to pick you up, drive you home, and help you get settled. After that we will prepare you a snack or a meal, as appropriate, and stay with you for a few hours if needed.

The Welcome Home! program is designed to help when friends, relatives, or family cannot be there to help you with a transition to home from a medical procedure. It is appropriate for all ages, and it may be the only assistance you need–a few hours of extra care when it is not possible for you to drive yourself home. Or your physician might suggest you rest and have someone to observe your condition for a few hours after you get home.

If you need us to stay longer than a few hours, it can be arranged. Take advantage of Home Sweet Home Care’s Welcome Home! program and make the transition back home after a procedure effortless. We recently treated one of our own employees to this service. Welcome Home! Marie G. Valued Employee

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