Our Companion Caregivers

High Quality Companion CaregiversOur Companion Caregivers are high quality. They are trained professionals, who are skilled in homemaking and can carry out such tasks as cooking, laundry, and ironing. They are also trained in concierge skills and act as a personal assistant. You can depend on them to carry out such task as dropping off and picking up drying cleaning, shopping, handling bills and mail, appointment and medication reminders and escort service. They are also great companions, which means they are good listeners, conservationists, and motivators.

Bringing in one of our Companion Caregivers can help you accomplish a variety of tasks that are so essential to the quality of your life of everyone involved! We reduce stress and increase a sense of confidence, peace and security. Using our services is a wise decision that will enhance everyone’s life by reducing stress. Studies have suggested that by reducing stress you increase your life span and improve your health. Also, by increasing social interaction you reduce depression and increase mental activity. There is no need to struggle when we are available to you.

And, because our Companion Caregivers are employees of Home Sweet Home Care Inc., you have no worries about taxes, payroll, extra insurance, background checks, and a host of other concerns that accompany a private hire. And we take the time to check in on you and ensure that you are satisfied. Our goal is to ensure that you are getting all the assistance you want in the manner that you want it from our employees. You also have tremendous flexibility with us. Should you need fewer hours or more hours, or have an odd schedule requirement, we can accommodate it. We have Companion Caregivers who can meet your needs no matter what they are. You have the added assurance that our Companion Caregivers are always involved in a continuous education program designed to increase their skills and knowledge of the elderly.

Requirements to be a Companion Caregiver