Home Sweet Home Care Inc., adopts a community project annually. We prefer that our Community Projects serve the elderly in some way, but we have strayed from this goal when we have found a worthy cause to focus on. If you have an idea for next year’s project, please feel free to contact us.

“When I was first starting to formulate my plan to start Home Sweet Home Care I knew that would include Community Projects just as soon as feasibly possible.  I believe all of us can make a difference, large or small, for others that we know or perhaps will never know, that part does not matter.  It’s the fact that you can give back, take care of someone else, make things a little easier for someone in need.  I’ve always wondered why NOT do Community Projects instead of why do them.” —Shirley McGee, Founder of Home Sweet Home Care Inc.

Starting in 2014, we will no longer have pages about Community Projects. We’ll blog about them instead and you’ll be able to find them under the Category of Community.