About Our Founder

shirley mcgee of home sweet home careShirley McGee founded Home Sweet Home Care Inc. and was President from 2004-2021. In 2021 she retired and sold the business to her daughter, Stephanie Jensen.

Shirley founded Home Sweet Home Inc. because of the experience she had with her own mother. In her words:

“I began Home Sweet Home Care Inc. after my mother’s death. Although I never regretted what it took to care for her and keep her in her home, I do regret how it robbed me of quality time with her while she was alive. I, and my siblings, found that life was so busy—Mom, spouses, children, full-time jobs, and other responsibilities—that we lost sight of what really mattered. This was, spending time with her and letting her spend time with us. She never understood why we couldn’t sit down and have dinner with her, and, at the time, I never understood how lonely and helpless she really felt.

Once I did understand those things, and I founded Home Sweet Home Care Inc. for two reasons. One is to provide respite to family caregivers enabling them to realize actual quality time with their loved ones. The other is to assist the elderly with staying independent and enjoying that independence, for as long as possible. And to do so with spirit and pride which is so often lost when health and mobility begin to fade, and one must depend on others to care for them.

Today, if you are an older adult or a family caregiver, you can count on my daughter, Stephanie (and her staff),  to provide you with the best service and to be knowledgeable about the challenges that you face each day. Stephanie has been part of the everyday workings of Home Sweet Home Care since 2005, and I was very confident leaving the business in her hands when I retired. Remember Home Sweet Home Care is here to help. That is what we are all about.”

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